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Our Services


With decades of cumulative experience, our team provides services that are tailored to the diverse and evolving needs of our clients throughout their journey in Australia. We are dedicated to providing visa, educational and career advice to students and immigrants, helping local institutes, companies and corporations reach their target audience as well as promoting intercultural understanding. We provide a variety of services, from visa processing and assistance, educational admissions ranging from the primary to tertiary stages, to academic tutoring, professional development and connections to industry.

Our Services

  • Business Development Advice

  • Multicultural Events

  • Multicultural Design and Communication

  • International Student Placement

  • Pre-departure and Post-arrival Service

  • Student Exchange

  • Career Advice

  • Student Mentoring and Tutoring Program

  • Visa Services

                     Student Visa
                     Working Visa
                     Skilled Visa
                     Partner Visa
                     Parent Visa
                     Sponsored Visa
                     Business Visa