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Brisbane Student Club

Brisbane Student Club

Brisbane Student Club (BSC) is the very first came out to help those vulnerable students and make them more comfortable and confident to live in Brisbane. The initial purpose of Brisbane Student Club was to support and assist onshore students who’s been impacted by COVID19 by offering varieties services from multicultural events and activities, tutoring program, training, study and visa assistance, and so on.  What’s more, we also promote Brisbane local business and attractions to the students to make them more familiar with Brisbane and settle down more smoothly, which also support our local business during the pandemic.    And now the services are ongoing and have been extended to both international and local students.   We also work with other associations to support local charities and communities. 

Our members/clients come from a rich variety of countries, cultures, races, and professions. We aim to support their seamless integration into Australian society and local communities and promote our local business.    we don’t limit our services to specific nationalities.   We are also dedicated to enhancing cultural engagement between different communities, providing educational and informative material to students and immigrants as well as helping local companies and corporations to reach their target audience. We believe that by supporting each other, we can survive and succeed (Support, Survive, Succeed).



Study Club

Study Club is running as a learning centre supported by AOIA and Brisbane Student Club (BSC).  We have very experienced professions and experts from different industries and can provide varieties services and training.  We provide services to not only enrolled students but also adults who wants to improve their skills or just learn something new for fun or personal interests.

Services including:

  • Tutoring program for school, college and university
  • Career advice
  • Professional seminar
  • Skill training
  • Volunteer training and placement
  • Language training
  • Multicultural Advices
  • Multicultural handcraft making

Recent and Upcoming Events

Moon Festival Celebration

With guests from different backgrounds and members from Brisbane Student Club